Version 0.4.0 Due Out This Summer

It's been a bit quiet around here but the development team wanted to check in and let you know that version 0.4.0 is really shaping up and should be arriving in late summer!

Our roadmap is looking as though in the next version or two of our rewrite (hence some confusing versioning and old news on our page) is going to have us approaching feature completion, which should be very exciting to the players out there!

We'll keep you informed - check back in a bit for the release!

0.4.0 IRC Planning Meeting

There will be a planning meeting for Epiar v0.4.0 in #epiar on this Friday, March 19, 2010 at 6:00pm PST (1800 GMT-8). All are encouraged to come and make your voice heard, or even just listen in and offer your advice.

Epiar 0.3.0 Now Available

Epiar 0.3.0 is now available in source form. This is our last 'developer-specific' release and should be the object of study for those wishing to dive in and begin scripting and expanding the game universe.

A planning meeting will be held soon for Epiar 0.4.0, which will be our first player-oriented release, complete with binaries and enough game data to get a feel and start becoming involved in the community.

0.3.0 is a vast improvement over our last release, including:

  • Landing Dialog Beginnings
  • Sound & Music
  • Built-in Editor

As always, you can find us in #epiar on or use the Contact page to reach us, and happy gaming!

Epiar 0.3.0 (source, .tar.bz2, 14M)