Is this project active?

Not at the moment. Epiar has been in and out of development since late 2000.

What is Epiar?

See What is Epiar? for a detailed answer.

Is Epiar free? Is Epiar open source?

Yes and yes. Epiar is absolutely free (as in beer and speech) to those who download our binaries or source code. It is also open source, licensed under the GNU GPL version 2, a very common open source license and the exact same one employed by the ever-popular Linux kernel.

Is Epiar for Windows? Mac? Linux?

Epiar is actively maintained to run on Windows, Mac, Linux and FreeBSD. You will find "binaries" (normal downloads, ready to run on your computer with little or no installation) in our Download section. The source code is also available for those interested.

How is Epiar licensed? How are the media (graphics, sounds, etc.) files licensed?

The source code for Epiar is available under the GNU GPL version 2 license, which should be included with every source tarball, binary package, etc. The media files, however, aren't homogeneously licensed. Most of the media files are available under a sort of free license but some files were given to us with special permission by the author. The details for each file should be noted in the documentation that accompanies your download.