Introduction to Epiar

Epiar is an open source, open-ended space action/trading game, currently in development. On this site you can download the full version of the game (for free), read the latest news about its development, meet the developers, and access the source code. If you're unfamiliar with Epiar, please read our introduction.

Epiar 0.5.1 Released

Better late than never.

Epiar 0.5.1 is now available in source code form, compiling under Linux, OS X, and Windows (via MinGW). Binary releases will come later.

This is mainly a bug fix release bug does tweak some aesthetics and adds excellent music.

Please test this release and report any bugs found.

Epiar 0.5.1 (Source, 34.6MB tar.bz2)

Mailing lists restored

The epiar-devel and epiar-announce mailing lists have been restored.

Please see the mailing lists page for more information.

Mailing Lists Temporarily Unavailable

The mailing lists and mailing list archives are temporarily unavailable due to a server move.

Apologies for any inconvenience.

Epiar 0.5.0 Windows Fix

If you received errors complaining about a missing iconv.dll file when trying to play the Windows package of Epiar 0.5.0, please re-download the .zip file to retrieve the missing file.

Epiar 0.5.0 Released

Epiar 0.5.0 is now available in source code form and others. Binary installers for various platforms (Windows, Linux, OS X) and a change log are forthcoming now available.

Please be advised Epiar is still in development and the game may crash, lose your saved games, etc.

You can download it and any future posted binaries at the download page.


  • UI clean-up
  • Expanded missions system
  • Sound and music additions
  • Main menu
  • Editor greatly expanded
  • Misc. bug fixes